Minerva Leather

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Minerva Leather has been operating for more than 20 years. They are recognized and respected worldwide in the leather sector for their capacity and superior quality, and today they are one of the main leather suppliers for the Latin American.

The Leather Division of Minerva Foods produces more than 12,000 pieces of cowhide per day, selling them as wet blue and crust leather to worldwide companies from various segments such as furniture, automotive, footwear and leather goods.

The concern for sustainability, distribution regularity and product standardization are one of the main distinguishing features of the Company, mainly because of their extensive raw material that comes from Minerva Foods' slaughterhouses, and their adopted policies of tracking the cattle to their sources.

The leather marketed by Minerva Leather still displays the due authorization from environment agencies, as all the production and distribution chain comply with the current legislation.

This guarantee of a reliable and quality supply is an important commitment to all the Company's customers, aiming to attend an ever-demanding market.

With hides coming primarily from heavy male animals, most of Minerva's production is rated as TR1 or ABC.