Minerva Foods is the second largest meat exporter and the largest live cattle exporter in Brazil. The company is recognized and renowned internationally for its high quality production.

It was acquired in 1992 by the Vilela de Queiroz family, whose excellence in the livestock transportation and breeding as well as their good relationship with ranchers throughout the country dates back to 1950.

The previous experience with livestock was transformed into the company's institutional policy, creating bonds of trust and transparency for a mutual and sustainable growth, that has been guiding various actions of the Company ever since.

Today, they operate 11 industrial units in Brazil, with a slaughter capacity of 11,880 animals per day and 14,928 boning procedures per day.

Mosaic of photos of the Brazilian industrial unit



Four Minerva Foods' industrial units in Paraguay are located in Asunción, one in Belén and other in Santo António.

The main facility, Frigomerc, is one of the most important slaughterhouse in Paraguay, producing more than 20 thousand tons of meat that are mostly marketed to Russia, Chile, Brazil, Israel and the European Union countries. It is Paraguay's only industrial unit to rely on self-contained cattle, ensuring raw material in the off-season period and for differentiated cut requests.

Mosaic of photos of the industrial unit of Paraguay

In January 2014, Friasa's (the group's first industrial plant outside of Brazil) and Expacar's operations (a facility leased in 2015 by the Company) were incorporated by Frigomerc.

Ever since the acquisition of Frigomerc by Minerva Foods, the Company has taken the pioneering action of narrowing their relationship with local cattle farmers in Paraguay. That way, they created bonds of trust between them and the local suppliers, in addition to a better space to dialogue, exchange of ideas and information through lectures and training.


Pul, a Minerva Foods' industrial unit in Melo, is one of the most reputable companies in the market, producing quality meat, exported especially to Europe, Russia, China, Israel and Brazil. The commitment to offering high-end products began with the foundation of the Pul slaughterhouse in the 90's, and was maintained even after Minerva Foods incorporated them in 2011.

The outstanding quality of the meat is guaranteed by a high-level industrial processing, by the harmony between all departments of the company and by an alliance with cattle farmers, which guarantees the best Uruguayan cattle.

The Company has become specialized in producing meat originated from the Hereford and Aberdeen Angus cattle, that are grazed in natural meadows and are slaughtered when steers. Its high standards put the brand Pul and their products among the most important in the world.

Mosaic of photos of the industrial unit of Uruguay

In May 2014, Minerva Foods acquired Carrasco's industrial unit, which is strategically located near the port of Montevideo and Carrasco International Airport. The facility is authorized to export frozen and cold meat, offals and byproducts to the most demanding markets.

During their long journey, they always have kept excellent levels in quality and reliability, while they reached very distant markets through their strongly fit products that resulted into a highlight position for that slaughter plant in the international meat market.

In 2017, Pul acquires the Canelones industrial unit, which, along with Melo and Montevideo facilities, represent Minerva Foods in Uruguay.


Red Cárnica is the industrial plant of Minerva Foods in Colombia that was acquired in 2015. The facility has a strategic location where is located Colombia's largest cattle-producing region, with easy access to the main ports of the country.

The quality policy integrates the entire production chain, including visits to farms and steers evaluation, which are subject to verification by the INVIMA's (National Institute of Medicine and Food Surveillance) technical requirements.

Mosaic of photos of the Colombian industrial unit

This policy meets not only national, but also international standards, which allowed the facility to achieve export licenses for the Middle East, Russia, Egypt, Hong Kong, Angola, Peru and Venezuela.

For the company, transparency, security and environment are essential for business and reinforce the Company's responsibility in producing high quality food, under international production standards.


Swift Argentina is the country's leading meat trader and exporter, acquired by Minerva Foods in 2017.

Our goal is to develop, produce and commercialize protein-based products, with high added value, healthy, safe and tasty, designed for end consumers and large food industries.

We have 5 slaughter and boning facilities and 2 for industrialized products and, in addition to being one of the most reputable food companies in the world, we meet the most rigorous sanitary controls and quality standards, ranging from animals traceability and continue along the industrial process, up to the delivery of the final product at the sales outlet.

We are constantly improving our portfolio, always with quality, to meet an ever growing demanding.

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